SISE Vision and Mission

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George Crabtree facilitates the panel discussions for the 2012 program. George is available to participants for the duration of the program and after its conclusion. SISE prides itself on keeping in touch with participants after they leave the program, and connecting them with participants from other SISE programs.


The world is undergoing an historic transition. Get on board.

- The UIC Energy Initiative


The world is undergoing an historic energy transition from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy affecting technology, the environment, economies, and geopolitics. This landscape affords unprecedented opportunities for collaborative scientific research to answer global challenges with innovative and competitive solutions.


Basic energy sciences exert a pervasive and increasing influence on all aspects of modern society, from the discovery of new materials and phenomena to the innovation of new technologies, the proactive stewardship of the environment and the transition from reliance on fossil fuels to more sustainable energy alternatives.

The vision for the Summer Institute is to integrate basic energy sciences research and innovative energy technologies into society through informed individuals who can make educated decisions on energy at the personal and civic levels, and in energy related fields like science, technology, economics, behavior, policy, planning, and entrepreneurship.


SISE will give the next generation of professionals in science, technology, government, and business knowledge of basic energy science and its relationship with other disciplines to address the rapid advances it brings to the scientific, technical, and cultural foundations of society. It will promote the inclusion of basic energy science research into entrepreneurial endeavors by future scientists, business leaders, and policy makers. It will also foster awareness of the interdisciplinary issues in society, industry, and technology that shape the ultimate outcome of basic energy science discoveries.


- Increase the number of professional scientists in the basic energy sciences with backgrounds in sustainable energy and its broad impact on economics, policy and entrepreneurship

- Increase the number of professionals in energy-related disciplines such as policy and entrepreneurship who are conversant in basic energy science

- Increase the number of professionals entering the workforce whose focus is on energy issues

- Encourage and develop innovative entrepreneurs and researchers who will apply basic energy science to create new sustainable energy technologies and deliver them to the world